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A Little Following Brewing…Thank You


After being super active as of 2012 with a PostADay2012 / Project 365 and dropping a new lyric, poem or comedy (4 liners or 4 bars “music wise”) I have noticed a little following on my blog.  I want to THANK YOU for following my blog and hope you are pretty entertained by what I write daily.

It really means a lot to me that you have stopped by and read my work.  Though I may not follow back, I promise to drop by your blog now and then if you have one and show you some love and read couple of your posts.  I will also make sure a drop a comment to show that I came on by and my thoughts on your posts.

I do appreciate if you drop a comment and share your views and/or share with friends my posts if you get a chance, for then I will get to know you more and get some feedback to be a better blogger and writer.  I just want to entertain, and help everyone have a good time and hopefully a good laugh.

Thanks again, I really appreciate you all, and hope to see you around.

PS: If you would like to stay connect or network with me or just a simply chit-chat, you can follow me on twitter and on facebook in which we can get tangled in a good conversation about creative and cool stuff. 🙂

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Have A GREAT Day…


Fake Friends Around – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]

Friends at Columbia University.

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If you can’t be real with me than who are you real with?

A fake friend is in my mist but I try my hardest to resist,

The urge that’s aching me to call them out and put an end to this friend,

Or maybe to this friendship since its filled with fakeness from this fake ass friend,

It’s just so petty when your friends claim to be real but they aint,

It’s like calling a simple hangout one hell of a date,  in which it wasn’t so it just ain’t,

People are in clear sight with disguises on thinking that they are blending in,

How stupid do you think I am, you are fake, it’s simply just what it is,

I hate the lies and phony cries of hype you throw along my way,

It’s just sad and disgusting, why can’t you just be happy in other words be gay,

Or maybe you are, but not near but from a far in a closet you locked yourself in,

You don’t want to come out, simply in denial being someone you really cant be honest with,

Damn it I hate when a friend just can’t be true, I guess they just want to be fake,

So don’t you mind my finger floating on by, trust me its coming your way, I am pointing at you.


(*note: To all my fake friends sitting by my side, I really don’t see why you claim you ride with me, just go the other way and say goodbye, you don’t owe me anything, so just go be your fake self in some other element.)

(A Jixi Fox Original Poetry)

Fake Friends Around
by: Jixi Fox

© Copyrighted 2011 Jixi Fox™ All Rights Reserved.

Tags: Free Verse, Poetry, Spoken WordPoemlyric poetry, storytelling, rhyme, Improv, Creative
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