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New Photos & New Music (10.30.11) @Jixifox

Suck on This

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I feel like I haven’t been here in a while for a regular blog.  Gosh I treat the people so badly don’t I?  I am so sorry.  Will you forgive me?  I have been really getting me juices flowing for the last 2 months dropping a new poetry every Tuesday, and I am so excited I can keep that going.

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Anyways onto the news of greatest…I am release my first single off “The Burna Effect EP” album by Jixi B. on 10.30.11…yup yup that’s tomorrow.

Watch for the title: ” Sexy Girls Be Mine” by Jixi B. produced by Jixi Fox

Also I have noticed there is a lazy of photos of Jixi floating around…lol, more like NONE, well let’s change that.  I am shooting photos with a Professional Photographer, in Bronx, New York I know, ummm he is actually my manager also, but he is super creative. Check him out at http://www.flickr.com/photos/rawmultimedia and http://www.twitter.com/rawmultimedia and let me know what you think.

Anyways I am out of here, hope you will enjoy the song.

Itz Jixi

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Music and Life

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I live life and then there is music.  I believe music and life goes together so well.  Some people create music from their life experiences and its one of the reason why music is so powerful, its because its real life.  The true form of music appeals to our lives in one way or another, whether is a sweet melody or thumping beat, or mom singing you a note to help you to go to sleep when you were a baby, music is a part of life.  Everyone’s life is not the same, we are people are not all the same but different in many ways, and so music.  What type of music do you enjoy?  I enjoy and mixture of R&B & Soul and Hip Hop and Dancehall music.  Seeing that I come from the islands, I have a strong roots into reggae and some folk songs.  But there are so many music to fit all the people in the world, and slowly we create new forms also.  No matter what is your favorite type, whether is R&B, Rap, Pop, Techno, Blues, Jazz, Dance, Rock, Classical, or what so ever, make music a part of your life and grab some headphones and listen.  Oh yea you can dance to it too.

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[Making The Album: Behind The Scenes] – Defeating Writer’s Block

Clear (Bomb the Bass album)

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Hey Music Lovers,

I have been writing quite few new works lately, some spoken word, poetry, hip hop and even R&B.  I have been really trying to connect back into the world of music as an artist, than just a passionate fan of others.  I guess we can say I been having a mean case of “writers block“.  I wasn’t allowing myself the freedom to express myself and love for my music and content, as taking things in and not letting things out.  Well I am game for a change, I am dropping a new music starting Monday, (Nov. 1, 2010). No more procrastinating, and selfishness to take in content and not entertaining the people of the world.


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