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Mystery Rap

Chris Brown

Chris Brown (Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)


My bars are hidden not visible to the eyes,
Your ears will be buzzing from the delivery that I got,
So stay patiently waiting until the beat gets dropped,
Until then listen to me spit it a cappella and see this lyrics pop.


Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis


Rumble In The Bronx

Chan in his Hollywood breakthrough film Rumble...

Chan in his Hollywood breakthrough film Rumble in the Bronx. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can catch a game at Yankee‘s Stadium, or beat down in the south Bronx,
Or peep the Jamaicans on Gun Hill and White Plains Road dancing all day long,
The Bronx is where hip hop was blazing and battles are set to get epic,
You got to know about to Bronx, aka Bx, 2,4,5,6 train don’t disrespect it.

It’s Jixi

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis

Rumble in the Bronx is one of the all time favorite Jackie Chan movies.  It’s also the first movie I have ever bought on VHS.

iLL Lyricist – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]



Spitting the illest verses, lurking in the underground,
Waiting on our time and for other eyes to see how we put it down,
Giving the world content with many sick deliveries,
Put a crown on our heads because we are what a king should be,
Call us the underground kings blazing up your local open mics,
With an appetite and hunger to get our voice heard just right,
We do it in the subways, street, bedroom, morning, day and night,
We can’t be controlled, we use our creativity to express our right,
Of free speech and expressions, to show our feelings, relate to others and dealing,
With life trying to fight against the societies norm mainstream disgusting feedings,
We are us, on the mission to keep it raw, edgy and real, even without a record deal,
The words we produce is what we feed off of, everyday we create meals,
Some of the greatest who had made it are now gone but still they are remembered,
A new generation is emerging, trying hard to earn their recognition with their diverse attributes,
So we ask who is the illest lyricist year after year,
My answer is simply the person doing it for the passion and love,
Trying to develop their voice to be heard year after year, without no fear,
To be the illest lyricists giving you what you need to hear, open your ears.

iLL Lyricist
By: Jixi Fox

© Copyrighted 2011 Jixi Fox™ All Rights Reserved.

(*Note (back story)): There is always a debate on who is the dopest or illest rapper or lyricist, but the answer is always sometimes new year after year based on what people think.  But think of it as this, the person who is consistent known or unknown is the illest lyricist, but are you actually listening for that person?