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Hi, I am excited to announce a batch of new music on it’s way. I finally got around to spending some of those creative hours to publishing my music online. The first song I publish releases Dec. 27, 2022. I am happy to see it making it’s wave online. Here is a preview link:


The music name is: Hip Hop String Quartet

Hopefully once it’s released you could show it some love and leave comments. It will be on all streaming streaming services. And that’s not all, I have more works on the way, for which another EP project is releasing on Dec. 30, 2022 (12.30.22) which is called “Waiting Away, Tripping” which is sort of a melody lofi project for fans of lofi hip hop and cool vibes of sounds playing in the background. I will have more to add to those to make them a bit more spicy. But for now, I am happy they will make it out before the end of 2022.

Photo by Jixi Fox

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