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Laughing at a noob,
Not paying attention to the clues,
How rude I was,
That’s my mood,
Until the laughing was about me,
And not about you.

Photo by Matthew Henry

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In Love With The Wrong Woman

Loved smile

Loved smile (Photo credit: bupowski)

How did I even get here, this love is so odd,
This chick sold my house, car and even my damn dog,
I could have I told that she wasn’t to be loved from the very start,
But I was a sucker for love, with a heart that is now torn apart.

Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis
efcjixi @jixifox +jixifox

Reptile Flow

reptile, mudbox, cg, animal

reptile, mudbox, cg, animal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Not from this planet, but directly in nature,
Not someone or something you can pet,
Just here to cause mayhem and menace,
I am fierce, I am rare, I am a beast.

– Jixi Fox