Jixi Fox Poetry 2 – Frustration

Jixi Fox Poetry 2


By: Jixi Fox

Frustration, who has it?

I do, Yes I do,

But what can I do?

I want more than I am giving,

Tired of losing, I need to be winning,

Tired of being mute, I need to be singing,

So what must I do, a hundred things by myself,

I can do that shit,

I am so sick and tired of me,

I just need to be who I want to be,

Push it, Push it, Push it pass the mark,

Push it pass one hundred, Push it pass two hundred,

Be the cameraman, be the talent in front of the lens,

Edit the scene, Revise the script,

Oh you ain’t write one? Who the hell are you?

You can’t you serious,

Do you like walking around with an anchor chained to your legs?

Maybe you need more strapped on so you can stand still,

And see where you can’t go. Believe in yourself and try,

Break free and feel the freedom and starting running,

Look back? What for, try your best to stay on the straight and narrow,

Unless you want to deal with this frustration again.

© Copyrighted 2009 Jixi Fox™



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