My music career begins today

After much debate, today, not tomorrow, not yesterday, my real music career has began. I know that I already have projects out and have deemed a time in my life as my debut in the world of music and entertainment, but as an artist, we go back and forth with our decisions to proceed with our careers, but today I am focused on my future.

I feel like I didn’t want consider myself an music artist but only a poet and spoken word artist, but I have came to terms with myself that I am a dynamic person who wants to be just an overall great and one of the best entertainers and performers on my time and nothing less. There is no caps on the intense amount of potential I see within myself over the years and how much it can advance if I work hard enough hone my skills.

Though I play many roles in creating my future and developing myself, the key to me being ok with the struggle I will have to go through is knowing that I am creating and building my character, so all elements bleeds genuine and real. I see too many people trying to fit a role that they are not, just in hopes to be famous or successful, but I know what I have to offer shall my truly remarkable as a grow, I just need to start and lead into my path simply, precisely and effectively to achieve what I am looking for. Surely I can’t achieve a great success or even minimal going the independent route without managing myself well which is one my new and highly prioritized motions this time around.

So after getting a simple gratitude of happiness as one of my favorite female singers and performer Mya responded to me on twitter, @missmya with a congrats, as I told her I shall be starting my music career this month I am excited to see what is in store for me as an music artist.

Let me end my blog off with a lines from one of my sing I recorded this year from my micro project, Jixi Fox Presents The Adventures of Auto Tune, “jixi is here no one should fear I don’t compare to nobody else” and as fablolous likes to say as of 2010, #tunein2thegame

– from JA to NYC itz jixi