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[Making The Album: Behind The Scenes] – Defeating Writer’s Block

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Hey Music Lovers,

I have been writing quite few new works lately, some spoken word, poetry, hip hop and even R&B.  I have been really trying to connect back into the world of music as an artist, than just a passionate fan of others.  I guess we can say I been having a mean case of “writers block“.  I wasn’t allowing myself the freedom to express myself and love for my music and content, as taking things in and not letting things out.  Well I am game for a change, I am dropping a new music starting Monday, (Nov. 1, 2010). No more procrastinating, and selfishness to take in content and not entertaining the people of the world.


Signing out,
itz jixi


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The State of My Music

Hello Creatives,

Ever since my last post (My Music Career Begins Today) I have been in quite a different space with many things such as how I would like my music to be.  I have been cycling through my old songs and melodies I previously produced and have such a great appreciation for what I have created.  Making it in the music industry is a very hard task whether you are independent or mainstream if you lack, focus and motivation to keep creating new music.  As an indie artist it takes everything out of you to put in the work, as you are what you create, while a mainstream artist has a gallery of tools to their use such as producers, song writers, management, and much other to keep they projects and production going with a little work in my opinion.  The drive must be there to pour out your soul as an new artist to get some recognition, but I am ready again to put in the work.

To help create my project and showcase my work I have decided to openly work on it in public.  When I say that, I mean, I shall be taking people with me on my journey creating my music and making it in my career.  So the State of My Music shall be OPEN SOURCE, let’s go.

Just stay tune to me, every Sundays and Wednesdays for my new shows and blogs, “Wicked Wednesday” and “Behind The Scenes” which I release my music and show my works on my new album.

Side Note: I have been just hearing some of the greatest music in a long time from some of my favorite artists and I am so hyped to create myself.  Artists such as Kid Cudi, Kanye West, Mos Def, Drake, Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Chris Brown, even Diddy got my hyped about music…I stay tuned to the music.

– Itz Jixi