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Not On Deck | @jixifox

If things aint on DECK, people aint seen it YET,
They are too far gone (Drake), they need to open up their eyes (WAKE),
They not eating right (NO FOOD upon THEIR DINNER PLATE),
They can’t even keep up (they SLOW, LATE).

– Jixi Fox


(Project 365 | PostADay2012 – I vow to post each day a new lyric, phrase, saying or comedicidea for the entire 2012)

Drake is one of the most successful emerging C...

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Real Life, Creative & Unscripted

I live life with crazy action pack sequences synced into a body of multiple characters that work hard all day everyday, and still look at life with a positive outlook.  I don’t need others to verify or validate what it is I do, the lack of sleep, how I prioritize my approach on life and/or getting things done, because I am the one doing them, not them.  I been in a confined area locked from opportunity half of my life (being too young, being dependent on others), and once I saw that to break free I had to be the true me and have everything comes from me, the quicker I learned and became a better me.

I know I have loved ones, family, friends, special people in my life that cares and look out for my best interests, but I feel they have not walked in my…

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