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A Lonely Butterfly with No Wings

I have flown to very very lands and the mightiest of places,
I soared with the eagles and planes until I landed flat on my face,
I was taken back in the past, a time I have evolved from,
I am all alone, with no one to phone with a revolver.

Jixi Fox

Q: Have you ever wanted to fly?


Curious Little Kitten (Portrait)

Curious Little Kitten (Portrait) (Photo credit: caruba)

Back in the day I use to trade blows with my friends being really witty,
Most of the things I said were weird, slick, sly and silly,
I guess it was the kid in me, but I still had a serious tone, like I was grown,
My mother was very strict, so I had to come correct or it was a slap upside my dome,
I had to beg my mom for a clone, because I was alone, she gave me a brother,
Little did I know that since she and my dad had to work a lot, I had to assume the role as my brother second mother,
I was the overseer and manager of his time, which was quite a fond job,
Until I needed escape to find my own lane,
Insane I went questioning everything,
Being silly charming any girls in the surroundings of me,
Even when I was shy, I was still that guy that they knew was seriously silly.

Jixi Fox

*My childhood was a creative one and quite an experience. I remember all the memories and cherish them, for I learned so much from myself and what I was capable of doing, by simply listening and being in everyone’s company being witty. People enjoy a good laugh and being entertained if its given to them.

Q: What line of verse did you like?

Let me know a little about your youthful days….




The note sits on the table,
Waiting for eyes to see,
It has words of love and hate,
That erupted for a fight,
It cries and bleeds ink of pain,
For the history it unfolds,
It written as a last resort,
Of someone that is bold,
Let it fly and let the heart pour,
For when the other lays eyes on this note,
They may die from inside,
For wasn’t was done was so cold.

Jixi Fox

Let me know your thoughts

Smoke Screen


A smoke screen being laid by a military vehicle

A smoke screen being laid by a military vehicle (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You thought I was there, but I really wasn’t,
Wasp at your ears, you hear my buzzing,
I am flowing like water down the stream,
I am like a laser I blast off in the dark, beamed.

Jixi Fox


English: Usain Bolt at the World Championship ...

Usain Bolt 2009 in Berlin (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Enough said I am simply the best, top-tier the bread-winner,
I train in the studio hitting high notes like a talented singer,
I am a winner, I breeze pass you, I know for sure you feel my gust,
I am second to none, pouring my heart into my passion, until no energy left, bust.

Itz Jixi..

Q: What was your favorite line?

Jixi Fox

Tracing My Life Through Words

Teardrop on Fire

Teardrop on Fire (Photo credit: tj.blackwell)

how near or far as tears drops from the sky,
a lie I once told, drown my pain away,
as my misery is out on the clothes line to dry,

deep passion non reversible tales,
i could never fail,
another lie,
actually a tale,
tall to the sky,
i am forever brave,

i miss her love,
fantasies I leave within,
my past is now my present,
recycled again and again,

where shall I go,
however long the travel,
the things I have done,
may be the things I will continue,
forever and forever.

i may be a born sinner,
needing of rescue.

Itz Jixi 

Q: What did you think?  Have you created a past the keeps following you?  No matter how far you travel it is just a shadow?

Share your thoughts…

Jixi Fox