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I will not be pressured and put down by you,
I will rise,
I will not stand behind, and oversea,
I will rise,
I will make an impact and limit is never the sky,
I will rise,
I will be the BOMB, explosive everywhere that I have strived,
For greatness.

Itz Jixi

Q: Where do you want to make and impact the most?

Jixi Fox


Cosmic Love 6

Doom by the trial & errors and dramatic episodes,
Every time we are together we tend to explode,
You get on my nerves day after day, time after time,
But still I can’t get you off of my mind

I try to be cool, I try to be calm,
I love you so much, but that needs to be gone,
Every time I say it I mean it, it fuels your fire,
You accuse my of everything, calling my a liar,

I am tired of the yelling, I am tired of mayhem,
I done with the love, I shall never love you again.


Itz Jixi

Q: Do you have someone in your life that’s just driving you up the wall?

Let me know your thoughts.

Jixi Fox



It’s a full moon out,
I feel the shifting wind,
I am near now,
But far away I am going,
My demons chase me,
Vampires, werewolves,
All horror tales in my eyes,
My transformation is pending,
I might be in this phase quite a while,
They want to take me away,
They want to trash my progress,
Well, it’s time for new beginnings,
A journey I created,
Something worth following,
I am epic with no bounds,
I drown my tears of fear,
I will breathe again,
Hold on as I breathe in,
And let’s go of my past,
It’s time to begin…I took flight.

What was your favorite line?

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