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Smart Pen 001

Smart Pen 001 (Photo credit: pennstatenews)

I am rusty with the pen,
But I know I got to write,
I got an appetite for words,
People want to digest them all,
So I got to write, write, write,
I want to get better,
Sometimes I will make some mistakes,
But the life I want to live,
That’s just a risk I must take,
I am fighting with the pen at night,
I am trying to create epic stories and tales,
If my words aint about anything,
My writing I must bail,
I need to escape these walls,
And the burden of not honing my skills will bear,
I need not to be rusty with this pen,
For my words with be left on deaf’s ears.

Then you will see my tears…

Itz Jixi.

Does practice really make perfect?

Jixi Fox -> Poet & Storyteller.