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Valenzuela in her music video.

Valenzuela in her music video. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well as promised I have delivered…I launched my new music video for “Missin’ U Girl” today, in which I renamed simply “Missing You“.  The song is an improv song I did in one take while at work with a recording device strapped to my shirt.  Creativity follows me everywhere.  Anyways I would love it you took a moment and give it a look.  I shot it in a “one take” type sequence to follow the method of how the song was done.  I feel it has a message and the visual video goes with that.  Check it out, and I hope you like it.

Next week will be my next music video, titled “Stompin’ In The Club“, another song from my album.

Missing You (Music Video)
Directed by: Jixi Fox

Missing You [POEM]

Each day that passes by,
I am missing you,
I wrote a song for you because,
I am missing you,
After our phone call,
I am missing you,
You are my world,
No matter what you do,
We are one,
Everyday I will be missing you,
I love missing you,
I just love you.

Itz Jixi…

Is there someone you are missing at this moment?