Daily Archives: May 1, 2013

Being Different…Experimental

Jixi Fox - Red Vintage Fox

So today I am not doing my normal poetry releases, nope.  I am changing my blog format a bit.  I am kicking into gears a better and more targeted focus.  I want to entertain you, yes you the people more with the things I love to do.

I have been knocking my head against the wall, well maybe the table, well straight up scratching my head on the new direction I want to take and what makes me feel really awesome as an upgrade in which you will see very very soon.

I want dynamic,
I want humor,
I want music,
I want videos,
I want COLORS,
I want fun,

and all in all, I think you want that too.  I want to give everyone a unique and happy experience.  I want to know how you feel, and what you LOVE, and what you enjoy and share the experience.

So here I come, it’s time to work hard and have fun.

Itz Jixi…
Jixi Fox

Jixi Fox as 2 Chainz

Oh yea…If you actually read this post, and wanted a few lines of poetry, just because I feel guilty. 😦 Here you go:

I started out laughing, seeing all the people smiling,
Then I switching up my flow, people starting I was just wilding,
So I tallying up my friends, most them on one hand,
Then I locked my myself in the studio, expressed myself and came back out, happy, being the one man band….

I told the haters, later…BYE.

*Note: I don’t actually have haters though.  I think that’s ludicrous.