space boots

Are you ready to blast off?
Grab your gears,
We are about to launch,
Into outer space,
Low gravity,
Let’s poetry and art,
Float around the world,
In bits and pieces,
As gifts and treats,
Everyone skipping to a beat,
That put smiles on faces,
With words to inspire and excite,
Tidbits that are bite size,
Feeding over a hundred million,
Or more,
Get ready, get set,
Hop on board,
Let your mind explore,
Unlock doors,
For we are on a mission,
Mission Alpha,
Where art meets poetry,
While telling a story,
Uniting as one.


It’s March and I am ready to take off.  It’s going to be an exciting month to collaborate and create great posts.
I hope you are all with me…



What are your thoughts?
What’s your favorite part?

Jixi Fox


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