I is for ICE-CREAM

ice cream

I is for ice-cream,
Or call it creamy ice,
When I taste it on my tongue,
It’s extra nice,
The flavors burst everywhere,
Ok they combust,
I am so in love with chocolate,
Okay, I think it’s just lust,
Give me a scoop,
Or maybe a spoon full,
The kids are outside right now,
It a moment they soon come,
To jump for it and scream,
Ice-cream ice-cream ice-cream,
So annoying,
But they are just kids,
Fudge it, I want it,
Scoop me up some,
I share it all around,
I hear rejoice and cheers,
Some want cherry flavor,
There is none of that here,
We got vanilla and chocolate,
So sort it out which ever one you want,
Because if you don’t then I won’t,
Everyone will take there’s until it’s all gone.

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Photo Credit: Google Images

It’z Jixi

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