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love lost

All good things must come to an end,
That also goes for the love-ing,
So when the love ends,
We must go our separate ways,
And stay away for the rest of our days,
Unless we decide to reconnect,
And reminisce on old times with a party,
But not any kind of party,
We will get a little bit naughty,
Pop a bottle of Barcadi,
And recite touches all over each other’s body,
So let’s just let go,
No ill wills or test-toes,
Keep all secrets at a hush,
And let the breeze get in-between our fingers,
And lose touch,
I bid you a farewell.

Jixi Fox


love me

When I told you I loved you.
Did you ever love me?
When I made you a home cooked meal.
Did you ever love me?
When I was there to support your career decisions.
Did you ever love me?
When I was home alone in tears.
Did you ever love me?
I just wanted to know…
What if I just up and left your life and disappeared.
Did you ever love me?
I guess I will never know,
For it’s too late, I am gone…

Jixi Fox

WordPress Poetry Contest

Wuji Seshat

Screen Shot 02-23-15 at 11.34 PM

Hello everyone, I’m holding a poetry contest called “Seshat Nibada’s WordPress Challenge” which I invite you all to join.

1. Create an account on
2. Post your best poems
3. Enter them into the contest (on a periodic basis)

The first event starts today February 23rd, 2015:

Once you have created your account on writer’s cafe, go to this link:


Once there, click on Submit.

Also, add me as a friend on Writer’s Cafe: here:

Please comment here if you have decided to join, it’s open to everyone!

I will reward the best fresh authentic poems entered, and will feature the winners here.

Let me know what your wordpress site is and what your identity there is, do please reblog this, retweet this and on facebook as well to invite your friends who may be poets as well,

Thanks, will post details on this blog or…

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sepia love

I almost fainted,
I regained my stance,
Couldn’t hold my glass,
Shattered dreams in my presences,
I visioned something different,
My time here has fainted.

Jixi Fox

Photo Credit: to its respected copyright owner
(I do not own the rights to this photo)