Daily Archives: October 17, 2015



When we say nothing,
Then soon we won’t have anything we can say,
They will take away our speech,
They already been serving us death,
Because dead people don’t speak,
But how and when, will we try to deny them,
I mean flood the box and riot,
I am not meaning loose chaos,
But why stay silent and let the world burn?
Bring those hierarchy down to the ground,
We ain’t hear to be meek and noobs,
We create this land,
We ain’t no fools,
But it seems like the media speaks for us,
Because indirectly we let them do it,
So let’s go up in arms ready to rebel,
Ready to go to jail,
But I will not,
That is to go  to jail,
Failed systems in place to keep us down,
We must speak,
We must be active,
We should raid the parade,
Stomp our feet and create,
Opportunities through choices,
And then there will be a point,
Our voice will make it out and we speak,
And those words will be alarming,
No longer silent.


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