Premiere: Birocratic’s Bedroom Beats Come of Age

Bandcamp Daily

Brandon Rowan

There is more to Replaced, the new EP from New Jersey producer Birocratic—aka Brandon Rowan—than meets the eye (and ear). Created during a period of transition for Rowan, as he divided his time between college in New York City and his family’s new home in the tiny vacation town of Cape May in South Jersey, the songs on Replaced mark a dynamic evolution in his approach to production and form a body of work that unfolds like a flower in time-lapse.

Rowan had a lucky break back in 2013, when his atmospheric Creative Commons-licensed tracks caught the attention of BuzzFeed’s video producers, who used them in clips like “Life Hacks Your Mom Wants You To Know” and “6 Foods You’re Eating Wrong” that racked up views in the millions. It’s easy to see why BuzzFeed chose Rowan’s songs—their insistent, tape-fuzz drums and jazzy chords made for the perfectly simplistic…

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