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Difference needed,
I changed but stayed all the same,
Broke the norm today.


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As you can tell, me jumping into action popping out of the frame. (above)

Hi friends,  My album is out in all the digital stores across the internet & mobile, and I am excited.
If you would love to support me, please do – Get it my album here -> Nemesis 2 – – iTunes/Amazon
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I am currently working on video visuals for each track. YEAH!!!
So everything is going to be kick ass…
All I need is some time.

Also if you do decide to purchase and support the cause, I will personally email a download link to all my previous album for FREE,
Just because you are helping me out in a major way.

So if you tally it all up, that’s about 8 albums.

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS PURCHASE and Send Me A Screenshot of your receipt to my EMAIL: jixifox@outlook.com,
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All I ask is your name, place in the world you are from and your email, and it shall be all yours.

Sound like a deal?

Okay, I will sweeten it even more.

If you do all the above, I will list you as a SUPPORTER on my SIDEBAR and a LINK your WEBSITE!
Now that’s FREE ADVERTISING, for your blog.

Does that sound good now?

Okay, you twisted my arm,
I will also send you the music visuals to your email for VIEWING before anyone else get’s to see it.

I think that all sounds like a great deal.
Hopefully someone read this entire post, because I am excited and so happy to share my all with everyone…


  – – – – –


Let me know what you think my artistry….
Share your thoughts…
I really need the feedback… 🙂  Thank you.

Photography by: Ray of Underestirayted.com
Ray has the most amazing photography…Check out his travel/photography website

Facebook: @jixifox
Twitter: @jixifox
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