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Is she here for you or the money,
People these days be rolling funny,
Not like ha ha and giggles,
They out to get your money,
They hit you hard with the fake love,
Then tell you how much they fell for you,
Then in the end they will make love,
But that ain’t true,
When things go down,
The like a ball leaving you,
On the floor cold,
Screaming at a closed-door,
Felling like death just walked in,
Trapped and it’s time for some explaining,
Wishing you were patience,
When you met a real one,
Not living life fast,
You eased into good situation,
Now is your moment,
Where do you go from here,
Anywhere but here,
Back on the quest to find the lost one,
To make that person the right one.
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Jixi Fox

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