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Who are they shooting?
Me or you?
Who are they looting?
Me or you?
I guess it’s us,
The dumb ones living in a society,
We can’t trust,
We that can’t do what’s necessary,
Unless it’s a crisis,
Reactive than proactive,
As if we need our faces clean,
It’s not all about race or color,
We all just human beings,
Who is really rich?
Me or you?
Who is really poor?
Me or you?
It’s such a harsh mental we try to break,
When opportunities get taken from us everyday,
Rich in wealth versus rich in knowledge
Pride, lies, fly, cries oh why do we,
Me or you change once and for all,
I guess we keep waiting on each other,
Cause we don’t got no balls,
We make podcasts ,
But they don’t listen,
Tv shows is our highlight,
Our prison,
Commercials and subscriptions,
At every stop,
How much can we afford until our bodies drop?
But who goes first?
Me or You?

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