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Workplace Flirting, Let’s Just Get Married Already

Workplace Flirting, Let’s Just Get Married Already

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Oh, my you came in today,
I am happy to see you yea,
It’s always a good day when you are here,
Go ahead I love it when you play with my hair,
I love to see you smiling,
What you be saying to me be wildin’,
Hold up, and hold on there,
Don’t get carried away what are we doing here?
I can’t be messing with you,
These talks be getting a bit sexual,
I know we are flirting,
And I started this thing,
But let’s skip these sins,
Let’s be together and get me a ring,
So I can be your VIP,
Calling you daddy hey Papi,
Monday football for you and your boys,
You help with the dishes and kids with the toys,
We can do what we say,
For it’s no time to play,
No one watching our moves,
Just me and you, dinner table, watching the news,
It’s true, we can be so happy,
I know you love me like cook food fatty,
If our love is to be so destined,
We need not be texting,
Just flexing,
For the gram,
Show me off to the fam,
We would still go on dates,
Chivalry ain’t dead,
You are a real man,
This is our fate.


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Follow the Series:   Ep. 1 | Ep. 2 | Ep. 3 | Ep. 4 | Ep. 5 | Ep. 6 | Ep. 7

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