Daily Archives: April 6, 2020


A pandemic happening outside,
Ain’t nothing strange,
News on tv not telling the facts,
People going derange,
It’s strange how it feels when we put on the mask,
It’s like your feeling dirty,
But you just stepped out the bath,
Do the math,
Peep the stats,
Tell me,
Where do both of them match?
Have you been handling your biz,
Looking after the kids,
Have you been handling your bills,
Instead of hunting for thrills,
Have you been yourself,
Or you are a created character,
Times are hard,
Each single moment in time now matters,
Enslaved to home,
There is no where to run,
Can’t be close with your family and friends,
So there is no more fun,
Now locked inside with a gun,
The fear is attacking you,
Should we load up the clips,
Time to bust open the banks,
There a few on my avenue.

Photo by Max Bender

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