Lips moves,
To speak,
But for what,
Ascending to our peak,
But why stop,
I won’t,
For me it’s known,
Will I,

The Art of Never Giving Up

The headline says it all, the art of never giving up. Do you want success? Do you want to breathe new life into something you are building? Well why would you stop? I can pile on the questions and if you may have answers to these, please and kindly sit in the corner and spank yourself for the filth you are exiting from your mouth. In order to make it, you must believe, then achieve and measure your way to success.

Trial and Error

If you tried things one way and it fails, try another. If you going to give up in one try, then why bother. We are always testing the waters and learning as we go, so why allow anyone to tell you otherwise, when you already know. Your time is coming young king or queen, if you dare say you are too old, old is a label you place on, and not how you feel. Change your thought process to achieve the real you, deep inside.

This Why I Never Stopped!

When I made it, is why I never stopped. Me changing someone’s life for the better, is why I never stopped. Me being in the same room and appreciated by my peers, is why I never stopped. So keep on going, growing and

Photo by Vladislav Nahorny

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