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The message of the day, LOVE PEOPLE.

People are special and comes with a lot of experiences. Even when times are tough and people change over time, love people. Say something nice to someone today. Be kind to someone today. Show love.

Photo by juan pablo rodriguez

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Jixi Fox

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Criticism – You Are Doing Life Wrong!?

All my life, I was told I am doing life wrong. Being an artist, you are open to be judged, to be questioned on your direction. How can someone tell you where you are going if they never been there before?

The story of my life I guess. It’s like a mother not allowing their child to grow up. It’s like a teacher saying you will never graduation. It’s like your boss telling you won’t be greater and potential higher them in the future.

Never limit yourself.
Never not believe.
Always talk up for yourself.
Don’t be fearful of failure.
If you don’t speak your vision, then who will?

I just wanted to share a piece of real with the world.

Photo by Brett Jordan

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Jixi Fox

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