Daily Archives: February 22, 2022


As for changes I have wished I made,
I can’t bring back the past,
For the wishes I wanted granted,
When they don’t come through I gasp,
I ask myself,
As the night settles,
Will tonight be my last,
I lean in to reality,
Will my future pass,
Or can I catch myself,
And hold steady,
Can I complete the task?

At night we often have doubts, we have questions, we have thoughts. When will our mind stop, and we say to ourselves, we did our best? I just wanted to write a short opening to a story of where I see my thoughts and questions going, and find the answers to my questions. For it’s not to worry into the night, but look for another day to make a change.

Photo by Egor Litvinov

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Jixi Fox

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