Love people and support people more. Yes, some people sucks. Some people are time wasters and manipulators (ha ha that rhymed), but some people are really imperfect. We all need some encouragement and guidance. Be able to always take feedback. And if in need of help, be always be afraid to ask. A no may be harsh, but if you quit on one no, the person who was going to grant the yes is still waiting.

If you are someone who needed to hear this, I got your back. 🙂

I want to use my platform to always promote awareness, positivity and action.

Of course, right now I am breaking the common trend of bad timing to post a post like this, as I see absolute value in my words and action. As I know when readers read, I know what people do at 11:30pm at night, ha ha…

I know:
likes = engagement,
comments = engagement & traffic,
traffic = ads, money, & views,
views = traffic, curious to engage & interact (if there is value).
ads = pays the bills.

I am not much a long form writer, I am straight to the point and BAM. I just like to keep it real NO FLUFF.

Thanks for reading my post if it got to you. Drop a comment with your latest post, I will come by and want consider it spam to help with a LIKE or a COMMENT, to support.

Anyways, be well and stay safe.

*insider note: this was to be a filler post, but real and true feelings and purpose, always shine out to show it’s beauty.

Photo by Izabelly Marques
Photo by Surface

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