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Happy June, it’s the month of motion. I found an awesome poem I wrote a few years ago and I wanted to share. I just love how the flow is. It’s to know best time is upon us June, July and August. The summer is right around the corner and fun needs to be had.

Do you have any plans for June?

Bring more smile into your day this June. I have a few cool series dropping this month.

Photo & Art are coming soon… Shout out to all my creative and design friends. Enjoy the upcoming poem.

J is for June,
Are you ready for the summer?
It’s hot outside now,
Let’s wait for about an hour,
Until everything cools,
Down I go right in the pool,
I don’t have to worry about getting back home soon,
School is over and so are the rules,
Time to let loose,
Call up my friends,
Ask them where we about to hang,
Everywhere is cool,
Let’s go out and do our thang,
The weather is nice,
I see smiles from cheek to cheek,
It’s summer time now,
And I just want to be happy.

Photo by laura adai

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