I have been chosen,
To save the world and realm,
Tag team to win,
Dodging so many new deaths.


One, Two, Three, FIGHT,
There is a dawn to a new day,
Call it a new night,
The good vs the bad,
It’s about to be a good fight,
With dirty tricks,
Don’t forget Fatalities,
I will turn a grown man into a kid,
This ain’t reality,
There is blood to shed,
Bring your man’s,
Better yet bring your crew,
If Scorpion says get over here,
Johnny Cage is at the Club,
Looking icy like SubZero,
So keep your cool,
For Raiden is so electric,
Sonya doing splits on the floor,
Deserve a encore,
Once I am selected for the win,
You know it’s certain death,
Once you hear the catch phrase,


Mortal Kombat is a legacy game. So many versions and years of action and fighting. From arcade to the the new gen consoles. Pick your favorite character and fight to save the earth realm or be the one to destroy it. I love a good villain. So naturally seeing this video game become a movie and much more was a pleasure. Some of my favorite characters are Scorpion, Sub-Zero and Kitana. Like so many hours was put into this series to unlock new character and experience their finishing moves.

About The Series:

These verses of poetry, lyrics and storytelling are light jabs of creativity. There are some lines that of tap of humor, or a combo punch, or just a knock out punch. I am a creative writer, I write about anything and add my own twist and flavor to the world. People, ideas and things of the world inspire me to write. There is nothing like connecting with people and sharing your art & style. I truly hope you enjoy what your read. 🙂

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