I roll around and twist,
And I throw barrels at my enemies,
If you not beside me to the bitter end,
You are not family or a friend to me.


Ape like,
I am climbing up trees,
Eating bananas so roll with me,
I always hold it down for me and my team,
If you tag along,
Team work is all what it seems,
Taking out crazy enemies,
Including gators,
Which haters,
So they need to hop of the these,
Nuts and crazy is how I need to be,
To beat these levels,
To entertain these wild ass kids.


Donkey Kong Country was one the most fun games I played for Nintendo, Snes, Gameboy, the switch and more. It has it’s moments, laughs, and who doesn’t like throw barrels, eating bananas, with cool ass games, and humor in a game with neat sounds. The adventures are not usually difficult, but you really have to keep your eyes open.

About The Series:

These verses of poetry, lyrics and storytelling are light jabs of creativity. There are some lines that of tap of humor, or a combo punch, or just a knock out punch. I am a creative writer, I write about anything and add my own twist and flavor to the world. People, ideas and things of the world inspire me to write. There is nothing like connecting with people and sharing your art & style. I truly hope you enjoy what your read. 🙂

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