It goes without saying we are in a new month. I am excited and ready to shake things up a bit. I am introducing a new series very soon, later on in the month. I am not going do what I did before via epic apology I had to made, but you always should own your mistakes. I am more inclined to share my social media content on my website, as I have in the past, so more fun is here and coming.

I am happy to connect with anyone on Instagram and Twitter if you are open to following. I love those two platforms. I am ready for this personable 4 months of action, support and fun with the world, especially other creators. I am enjoying writing more these days and also releasing new music. Yea I know, if you haven’t followed my music or content it’s out there. It’s pretty cool and I tend to share great new music from other artists I come across. If you are in the music space as well, let’s talk. 🙂 (Discord)

This is a post of things to come and also a few cool stuff below. Check it out.


– New Series (TBA) coming in September
– I am on social media (IG: @jixifox)
– New Music on the Way… Check me out on Apple Music & Spotify

Cool Vibe and Chill song… “Stick To The Plan” by J. Stylez

A up-tempo instrumental music “The Edge” produced by myself, Jixi Fox.

I hope you enjoy the music. 🙂

Happy to keep on progressing.

Question: What’s something special to you that is on hold that you would like to launch?

Photo by Manny Moreno

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