“Track every dollar, save yourself from giving out your wealth.”

We sometimes blindly see money leaving our pockets, and not chase it. We just watch it go away and away.

Over taxed
Speeding Tickets
Parking Tickets
Unreturned items
Leaving Rebates on products
Not looking Discount on products
Buying too much in BULK
Buying too much of what you don’t need
Paying for everyone else’s costs and expenses
Not treating your money with respect
Spending too much on TRAVEL
Spending too much on food
Lack of investing your money (ROI)

Why do we let money go away? Then complain we don’t have any money?

Track your money,
Account for every dollar,
Track your losses as well. (even though it’s gone, once it reaches to a threshold of high amounts, it may motivate you to change.

Simply changes to make:

Use a credit card than debit,
Carry less cash around on hand,
Do a weekly meeting with yourself on your spendings,
Categorize those cost,
Use your notepad on your phone
Use your calculator on your phone

Make the effort count, to save you more money so you can invest more money, so you can make more money instead of losing it.

Photo by Alexander Mils
Photo by Jp Valery
Photo by Celyn Kang

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