Hi everyone, I have an announcement. Well the title says it all. I am debuting a new series on my blog. You know I like to get straight to it, less fluff straight facts. 🙂

The new series is called: “With You”. It’s a like a love story but with dramatic truths and deep topics. This series will most likely be weekly for the entire Autumn Season. It’s still up for debate, I might run it for 8 episodes, if it works, I might got for 12 episodes. If you are a reader of my website, you may have seen a series call, “Let’s Get Married Already” it’s going to be the next level and more organized than that.

Also I truly plan to use my YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels and TikTok to share the catalog.

Oh yea, as a bonus… I love to do more and challenge my writing skill to evolve, I am stretching my writing by including yet another series. BOOM.

The other series I am introducing is called: “Series of Events” which is a fun, dramatic, suspenseful take on life and storytelling. Now I take no responsibility for how wild this may be, but just know you were warned.

New website upgrade to go with the Autumn series new series…

I hope you are all well, and Happy Autumn Season to you, once again.

Photo by sarandy westfall

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