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This is what happens when I think about you,
I open up,
I settle down,
I lick my lips,
Thinking of me feeling on you,
I cannot front,
I know what I want,
When I think about you,
As you cover up,
I uncover you,
I am getting deep inside you,
I want to confess,
I want you undressed,
As I am feel upon on you,
The trouble is,
Only distances,
As I reach for you,
Just trying my best,
To be about you…

Photo by Luisa Denu


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Screw Dating, Let’s Just Get Married Already

Screw Dating, Let’s Just Get Married Already

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Jill says to jack this is wack,
Screw dating, let’s just get married,
Let’s get the pool for the kids,
You can go ahead and spend your money on the wildest kicks,
Even the wildest whips and brag to the homies,
Just let’s be together,
Instead of silly nights being lonely,
Waiting all night,
Hoping you coming to call,
Instead you at the gym with your friends playing ball,
I want to come home to you,
I want to feel your warmth,
I want to give you everything,
Okay, what the hell do you want,
Jack says to Jill,
I think this plan is ill,
I mean it is kind of impulsive,
But we only have one life to live,
So if we don’t try,
How would we fly,
The sky is the limit,
Winter is coming,
I don’t want to be lonely,
I want to wrap up with you inside,
We can cook together,
And give kisses on the cheek,
I belong to you,
And you belong to me,
Of course, you know I am going to be a savage,
I want all of your good good,
I am going to leave these girls alone,
I got a woman who takes cares of the wood,
To help to build the fire,
We going to grow old and build our empire,
Let’s get married today,
Answer quickly,
Before this invite gets expired!


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Follow the Series:   Ep. 1 | Ep. 2 | Ep. 3 | Ep. 4 | Ep. 5 | Ep. 6 | Ep. 7

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There is no need to hide,
The feelings I have for you,
Listen closely,
You might hear a clue,
From me to you,
Everything I say will be true,
So never doubt a word,
For the vision, you will lose,
You are my everything, my boo,
My lover, you are so desirable,
Cute when you smile,
Also when you are mad,
I will never hurt you on purpose,
But if I ever did,
I would be like ahh, my bad,
Your womb is where I plan on filling,
Your mind and thoughts,
Have my heart racing,
Chasing you I have been doing for a while,
But now I found you,
I will never let you go,
For the longest of time…
Eternally and forever.


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