There is no need to hide,
The feelings I have for you,
Listen closely,
You might hear a clue,
From me to you,
Everything I say will be true,
So never doubt a word,
For the vision, you will lose,
You are my everything, my boo,
My lover, you are so desirable,
Cute when you smile,
Also when you are mad,
I will never hurt you on purpose,
But if I ever did,
I would be like ahh, my bad,
Your womb is where I plan on filling,
Your mind and thoughts,
Have my heart racing,
Chasing you I have been doing for a while,
But now I found you,
I will never let you go,
For the longest of time…
Eternally and forever.


Thanks for reading…
Jixi Fox

Instagram: @jixifox
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