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Girls Dem Sugar

Artist: Beenie Man
Featured artists: Mya
Album: Maestro



Beenie Man ah di girls dem sugar
(Sim simma)
Di girls dem world class lover
(Sim simma)
Dem girls dem need this nigga
(Sim simma)
Well, mi love dem shape and figure

Mi ah di man dem weh di girls admire
(Sim Simma)
Love di girl to mek dem bawl out fi Jah, Jah
(Sim simma)
And ah mi got di girls dem power
(Sim simma)
Yeah, mi cool and Mya sing by di hour now

You can take the stars like the sky for you
(Zagga ziggy zow)
There’s nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do for you
If I could be your girl
(Zagga zow, ziggy zow)
If I could be your girl

Girls Dem Sugar is a reggae fusion song by Jamaican deejay Beenie Man and features singer-songwriter Mýa.

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