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Success Today or Tomorrow…

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If success was to come my way today, I don’t think I could handle it. The main reason I say so is that, I don’t know how to define success in my case, or have a definite tool to measure it and it’s capacity. I know there is thing I would like to have fallen in place to be deemed successful, but for me I think the critical element to figure out is, once success is gained, how would I maintain it. Success can come and go, but to have it stick around and go at a constant speed is what is matters to me, until it’s time for it be given up or taken to another level.

So I will aim for success today and if it doesn’t, await on its arrival tomorrow ready.

Are you ready for success today? Is money your tools to measure you success?

Itz Jixi.


I am the mysterious fox

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Sometimes I feel I am a mystery to myself.  There are so many things left to uncover and explore about me, even though sometimes I think I have found them all, but I am just a mystery.  The things I uncover excites me about myself and I push harder and harder to see what more I can shell out of closed hard-core of potentials I have.  I have quite a feast of challenges and goals to accomplish and some I will soon come to figure out I actually want.  I still get comments from friends and associates, that there is just something about me they can put their finger on and actually stick around to see what might be found.  I guess I am not the only one that wants to see where I will go.

Itz Jixi.

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J. Cole debut Album in 2011

J. Cole Autograph Signing

J. Cole debut album I would have to say is one of the only new artist album I am ready to buy.  J. Cole is such a great artist and no matter how people think it might come out, I am definitely getting it.  It would be like a thanks for the free mixtape albums he dropped such a, The Come Up, The Warm Up and Friday Night Lights.  I even think his debut album might even be called Cole World or A Cole World.  I am happy to have got to listen to such a great artist such as him, as him and Fabolous whom is working on his new mixtape album The S.O.U.L Tape are two awesome artists that helped rock the music world for me in 2010.  I can’t wait for both artist new albums, but more overly, since J. Cole is a new artist and I already got all of Fabolous’s albums, J. Cole is the definitely and number album I am buying this year, hands down.


I want to do something cool this year

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I hate to be a bore and I try to entertain myself to the fullest as much as possible.  I am seeking something cool to do this year.  Nothing is popping up on my cool radar.  Of course it has to be something new and super fun, but what could it be though.  Living in New York comes with a lot of perks and options, some better than others, while some are just super lame and played out.  I wonder if anyone in the blog-o-sphere who might read this have an idea on something cool to do this year.  Let’s see if I can brainstorm a list of things I might find cool to do…

Here my quick off the top of the head list:

1. Go to shooting range and shoot a gun for the 1st time.
2. Test drive a Porsche, on the streets or even just in a parking lot.
3. Dress up like a ninja and perform a cool ninja move. (whatever that may be)
4. Meet Diddy, Ludacris, Linkin Park or Usher.  (You can’t beat that)

Well that was my quick list.  But the chances of those happening are very slim, except maybe the shooting range…well let’s see what might happen done the line of the year.

If you have any ideas, shoot me a comment and let me know, kindly, PLEASE 🙂

itz jixi


Another day, another thought

So its another day is here, and I am working heavily to plan for my return to the world of music and my debut within comedy and release music videos and creative photos. I feel I work better under pressures and deadlines. Its a sad reality to tell the truth, I hate feeling a bit too cozy, it hurts my objectives. So to speedily bring back the reign what was known as the year of the finesser myself (Jixi Fox) I must challenge myself tremendously.

The rules must be fit a few criteria. I do best when challenged by myself because I truly know what my limits are and what is too easy for me that people don’t know what my potentials are. So as I sketch these challenges, I must assign a number of challenges. The lucky number is 8. I like that number.

So let me think on this craziness I am plotting again. I have to determine the flaws I may have first before I proceed. If I don’t plans for my flaws and possible failures, the challenge would be doom from the start.

Anyways, the challenges must be a challenge and has to be creative.

Until I figure it out, catch you guys later.

itz jixi


Time to be creative yet again

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I need to fuel for my creativity yet again…I have been warming up else where, but really need to showcase this on my blog.  I been in the dark couple of weeks now, and things need to change.  Thanks to the great people over at @rawmultimedia, I shall return to claim the top shelf.

Areas of creativity I am working on this week are:

1.  My ReverbNation page
2.  My WordPress blog
3.  My Blogspot blog
4.  My YouTube page
5.  My Flickr page

It shall be a very difficult task endured by tons of editing, and prepping, but I feel I am very much ready to return and release creative and entertaining content for everyone to enjoy.  See you very soon.

itz jixi