Daily Archives: February 8, 2011

Another day, another thought

So its another day is here, and I am working heavily to plan for my return to the world of music and my debut within comedy and release music videos and creative photos. I feel I work better under pressures and deadlines. Its a sad reality to tell the truth, I hate feeling a bit too cozy, it hurts my objectives. So to speedily bring back the reign what was known as the year of the finesser myself (Jixi Fox) I must challenge myself tremendously.

The rules must be fit a few criteria. I do best when challenged by myself because I truly know what my limits are and what is too easy for me that people don’t know what my potentials are. So as I sketch these challenges, I must assign a number of challenges. The lucky number is 8. I like that number.

So let me think on this craziness I am plotting again. I have to determine the flaws I may have first before I proceed. If I don’t plans for my flaws and possible failures, the challenge would be doom from the start.

Anyways, the challenges must be a challenge and has to be creative.

Until I figure it out, catch you guys later.

itz jixi