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When I Smile You Smile, Just Like That

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Today is such a happy day for me, why you ask?  Well I am one step closer to bringing the gift of entertainment to you.  Its a delight to bring the riches of improv comedy and music to the people of the world.  My computer is 50% restored back to the production beast it used to be and to know that it’s almost back on track it just makes me smile.  So when I smile about the hard work to improve the quality of my work and be able to produce fun things for the world, shall also make you smile too.  Even though I may be super tired and can’t sleep, putting so much work to bring the laughter to you, at the end it will be worth it to see everyone smile.

So follow after me, I smile….You smile…just like that.

Have An Awesome Day Everyone.
itz jixi

Improv Equals Creativity

Being an improv comedian its quite important to be very creative and resourceful when putting on a show. When you are ready to act or perform with little to no direction you have to be quick and ready to draw on some kind of concept, launch off and keep building. As much I enjoy a well choreographed performance, improv challenges me to be fresh and quick on my feet and my delivery. If you don’t lock in your audience quickly you might end up losing them all together in which they don’t care anymore for the plot or climax of your work.

I also find this the same case with music. If the beat, or the beginning doesn’t sound well, why should anyone stick around to hear the progression of the song. Lately I have been experimenting in both fields, I guess as like my audition tape to see how creativity and entertaining I can be in a short span of time and still entertain and draw in my audience.

If you feel like me or interested in seeing this in full swing stay tuned to my show, Universal Auditions on youtube in which I unleash my creativity within music and improv comedy.

Be creative today, tomorrow, and everyday.
itz jixi

Me and my headphones


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Me and my headphones are synced into music and fuel with the fusion and artistic flow and nature of the soul of the artist we listen to.  I never leave home without my headphones.  Even when I am out cruising the wild city of New York where you might want to pay attention and listen to the madness that goes on, my headphones stay plugged in.  Do you always have headphones on?  I always in some matter got to pause my music or take my headphones to talk to friends, family and people, for before that the music was talking to me and my soul.  Music is refreshing to me.

What headphones are stuck in your ears?

Thanks for Reading,
Keep the music flowing…
itz jixi

Life Without Music

Music Is My Life

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I can’t imagine life without music, can you?  I love music.  I haven’t personal tracked it myself, but I believed listen to or heard some form of music almost everyday of my life.  What I broad statement to say right?  But I think its true.  Whether it is the sound of a bird whistling or any form of sound or speech, I think should be all considered music in their own right.  Music is a very big thing in my life and I don’t think I can function the same without it.  I mean everyday I don’t listen to my music or any songs, trust me I am making some up in my head to be entertained and happy.  Music motivates me, entertains me, calms me down, makes me smile, makes wanna to dance and so much more.  So imagine life without music for me, it would be like death.  What does music mean to you and can you imagine life without music?

Thanks For Reading
itz jixi

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Jixi Fox is in the studio working on debut EP for 2011

Extended Play (Gin Wigmore EP)

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Its funny how the music industry has switched over to a new format of releasing music but adapt some old school essentials such as dropping a mixtape or a EP (extended play) album to develop their presence and fan followship.  Not too long ago everyone was trying to get signed to a major label, but now a days people just go the Indie or D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) method.  Well even though I “Jixi” has been in the studio working on my official debut album for years, lately I have been fine tuning and shaping the tracks and the content and voice of the music.  Its quite an exciting feeling knowing I am really taking things serious and there are no other project more important than it this time around.

To see the footage of Jixi in studio and behind the scenes, look out for “Behind the Scenes with Jixi” on YouTube and WordPress every Sunday.

So everyone be excited, the music is soon here.

To be continued…

Thanks for reading.
itz jixi

Sunday I Missed You

Where You Want to Be

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Hello there Sunday, you are my favorite day of the week, did you know that?  Well if you didn’t know, now you know.  This past Sunday (jan. 9, 2011) I had forget to post a blog on that day.  I have to apologize for that because I love to post on a Sunday and that day is the day I will be releasing my series on YouTube, titled “Behind The Scenes with Jixi”.  This will be a show in which I take my audience behind the scenes in the production of my album and the things I use or go through to create my music album and comedy performances.  I think this is an awesome idea, what do you think?  Either way, if you really wanted to know why I really didn’t get to post my blog on Sunday, I fell asleep simply.  I knew I had to do it and procastinated and got tired and then poof, bedtime.  I doubt that will be happening again, but it takes a lot work and focus to create an music album and produce weekly web videos consistently in which “Behind The Scenes with Jixi” will show you.

I hope everyone SUBSCRIBE to my BLOG and my YouTube for the series release which is coming up very soon. Trust me you will enjoy.  If you are a music artist or aspiring music artist, this a great way to interact with me and also get the opportunity to share your music if we have similar works.

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Music and Life

hip-hop girls

I live life and then there is music.  I believe music and life goes together so well.  Some people create music from their life experiences and its one of the reason why music is so powerful, its because its real life.  The true form of music appeals to our lives in one way or another, whether is a sweet melody or thumping beat, or mom singing you a note to help you to go to sleep when you were a baby, music is a part of life.  Everyone’s life is not the same, we are people are not all the same but different in many ways, and so music.  What type of music do you enjoy?  I enjoy and mixture of R&B & Soul and Hip Hop and Dancehall music.  Seeing that I come from the islands, I have a strong roots into reggae and some folk songs.  But there are so many music to fit all the people in the world, and slowly we create new forms also.  No matter what is your favorite type, whether is R&B, Rap, Pop, Techno, Blues, Jazz, Dance, Rock, Classical, or what so ever, make music a part of your life and grab some headphones and listen.  Oh yea you can dance to it too.

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Music is my energy source

Kanye West and Jamie Foxx perform "Gold D...

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When I am ready to leave the house or ready to go somewhere and need a boost in mood, I turn to music for the exact energy.  I have a few anytime I play these songs and spit the verses I am hyped and ready for anything.  It’s funny because most the the songs come from cocky rappers, well the songs themselves are quite cocky in a certain sense.  Here are some of my hype songs once I turn them on and just loose myself in the music just gets my hype.

Fabolous – A Millie Freestyle
* this a perfect song for me to listen when leaving out to work, because his references is all getting money.

Jay-Z – Dig A Hole
* this song is just got the haters and ready to put the punishment on your nemesis.

Others are:

Ludacris – Get Back
Red Cafe – Dolla Bill
Kanye West – Champion
Bugatti Boyz (Diddy and Ross) – Another One
Lil Wayne f. Cory Gunz – 6 ft 7
J. Cole – Grown Simba

Do you have any songs once you put it on, motivates you to just work hard and be ready for the world?

Thanks for ready,
of course you already know
itz jixi