I wish I had a fabulous flow like Fabolous aka LOSO

My Time (Fabolous song)

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I am such a big Fabolous fan.  Fabolous is like so cool and entertaining.  I respect how Fabolous has handled himself as an artist over the years within the music industry.  His newly found transition into Loso (Young Funeral)  from his widely well received albums Loso’s Way and There is No Competition 2: The Grieving Music, makes him a great artist that adapts with the time and switching up their style nicely.  He is one of the few artists that can that and not scarifice their fans when not such a major player like the likes of say eminem, kanye or jay-z.  But either way, if I can drop some comedic hard bars like fab, that would be so cool.  I feel like I have some of my own already but I am still a fresh face and young artist and hope I can go the distance rock a simple flow and style as Fabolous, because you know it is the F A B O L O U S, son. 🙂

Thanks for reading.
itz jixi


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