Nobody’s Perfect – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]



Everyday we steadily walk along these thin lines,
Lines that divides what’s good from bad, or just fine,
As kids we hunt for the truth with our rebellious ways,
Our parents try to curb our appetite leading us on a path they have paved,

Through their mistakes our lives seems pre determined to avoid certain fates,
But no matter what we avoid there are mistakes we still tend to create,
Some of their mistake we can’t avoid and tragically we repeat,
For their voices were heard too late or very un-educatedly to us they speak,

We live our lives based on stereotypes we lazily try not to break,
We hold onto fixed morals and strategies believing through them a better life we will make,
Go to college, eat your veggies, pray to God, and commit no sins,
Always wear a condom, don’t do drugs, go hard or go home for the win,

Nobody is perfect we can only try our best with what we have got,
We breakdown to build up and we must do with what we have got,
There is no exact formula to follow, solution to drink, or tune to sing,
We just got to find what works for us, and use the power to overcome from within.


Nobody’s Perfect

by: Jixi Fox

© Copyrighted 2011 Jixi Fox™ All Rights Reserved.

This Poem was inspired by the song, Nobody’s Perfect by J Cole and Missy Elliot

(*Note (backstory)): Nobody’s perfect, we live life through trial and error and even when we find a great path, death still lingers over our heads as a sure thing.  So we make mistakes, we learn and we break trends the best we can and live life everyday and be thankful for what we have got.)

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