What’s Up Jixi – ep. 1 – What A Gwann?

Hello friends and my efc family,

So I want to just talk to you guys and fill you in on some awesome new changes I am going through.  Its been a mega adjustment trying to keep up with the times and trends, while being busy in my field of entertainment.  Its tough having very low support, but thats what comes with most careers so its a struggle to continue on. 

Me giving up its mostly likely never going to happen.  Its just that I am missing a few days on my quest entertaining everyday of the year.  But the days shall be filled in.  For most of my focus had been working on my videos, music and releasing my debut album and book, which lacks of proper promotion.  This is a big step and challenge for me as an indie and solo artist.  Not to even mention the new processes and requirements to do something that has never been done. 

So I hope I some cool friends and family in you, as I progress in mission.  Of course I will never forget about you the people that came by and liked and read my posts and poems.  I got a special surprise and contest coming for my comedy, music and poetry creative friends.  Just days away, I have been working on a cool giveaway contest for everyone to be apart of.

Anyways, thanks for reading and sticking with me.  I working hard and so many new mini goodies coming your way for you to enjoy and give back to you.

Its jixi…
“And what a gwann with me, is I am working and living life the best I can.”

What’s up with you lately?  What a gwann?

Fun Fact: Did you know I am jamaican?

1 thought on “What’s Up Jixi – ep. 1 – What A Gwann?

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