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Where and When – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]

Foggy Tree Branch

Foggy Tree Branch (Photo credit: Michael Kappel)

I am running as fast as I can,
To which ever end I don’t know,
I simply can’t translate my thoughts,
I don’t know where to go,
Foggy glasses in a glass shed of memories,
I try not to copy my pass fails in my present form,
I don’t want to go where everyone has been,
I just want to go where I need to go,
When is that time?
Where am I going?
On this lonesome journey I need followers,
Some to keep my safe and others to give me water,
For my thirst cannot be quench thus so easily,
I am still not there yet,
Or did I even start?
No one follows behind me,
Yet my shadow is not too far apart,
Where am I going, I running as fast as I can,
When I slow down maybe I will see who was behind me,
And was following from when I first began.

Where and When
by: Jixi Fox

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Defective Piece of Love

Never wanted, never lived,
Always wanting more, always had something to give,
Tragic memories, nothing to boast,
Just a piece no one seeks, a life now faded, quite the ghost.

– Jixi Fox

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I Bombed, But I Didnt Blow

I bombed the stage, but I didn’t blow,
Its like only looking older but never to grow,
No hands clapped, just my wings got snapped,
I pressed on, its only one night, I will be right back.

Jixi Fox

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