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Loose Pennies – Jixi Fox – [#Poetry]

In a dream state,
I wake,
Thinking of dreams I created,
Thinking of dreams I hate,
Not gaining any worth of thoughts,
I throw my mind to the wind,
Falling from pocket,
No spare change left to give,
Only enchanted ones I would like to pass,
So its freedom to someone,
Paid freed by love than cash,
So all the hate I rid from the world,
They are enemies to me,
I rather they fall from my pockets,
Like dead leaves from a tree,
Still no worth nor beauty,
But in some eyes it might seem to be,
Just a bunch of loose pennies,
Invisible to thee, if not for greed.

Loose Pennies
by: Jixi Fox


Even If I Am Wrong

Is It Wrong?

Is It Wrong? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


There is no better feeling than being with you,
You make me feel like a million bucks of cool,
Through we have cheated, my love for you undefeated,
Though we may be wrong, let’s make our love right forever long.

– Jixi Fox