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be great, dont ask for permission art

Don’t you pull my hair and slap me on the butt,
Don’t you mess with my mind or make me corrupt,
Never shall you teach me pointless subjects and logic,
For I want the best in the world, not just anything I can get,

Let me loose from the grips of struggle and bondage,
I don’t condone slavery nor do I ever want it,
Not without my permission take my rights away,
For I will fight you everyday, until I have the last say.

My permission…

Q: What was your favorite line or part in the short?


Jixi Fox
The Creative Nemesis


© 2013 Jixi Fox

The $64,000 Question: or

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If you’ve been using for very long, you’ve likely run into some variation of the grand “com v. org” debate. And it’s possible that any explanation you received raised more questions than it answered. So, what’s the deal with the two WordPresses? What are the advantages of one over the other?

To explain this clearly, it helps if we go into a bit of history, so gather round children, and I shall tell you the tale of WordPress.

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