Just Jokingly – Intolerable Jokers – #NaNoWriMo – Day 2

Intolerable Jokers
by: Jixi Fox

oh no

Jokingly Tony rode in on this bike, but was surprised by his welcoming party.  He stood in place at the curb with an dramatic stare.  He feared the scheme of actions that were about to come next.

….to be continued.

Itz Jixi

© 2013 Jixi Fox | Kry Multimedia Publishing
All Rights Reserved.


Author: Jixi Fox

Hi, I'm Jixi. I'm a Free Verse Poet, Writer, Actor & Comedian, in New York City. I write poetic, lyric based storytelling creative poetry and comedic anecdotes. I enjoy meeting new people, make them laugh, create fun moments in life. Say hi some time, don't be shy. :)

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