CHECK, Please…

check please jixi fox jixifox art music poetry

No need waiting on me to bust,
My belly is already filled,
At will I must add,
No need to grill,
What is there to prove?
That I ain’t a noob?
Wishing I had blown up,
But I already blew so screw,
You know where my account stay,
It’s growing up day after day,
It’s big boy now,
Rocking big boy shoes,
J’s umm okay, but no thank you,
I see only my face on the brim and on the side,
Branded I am with unique cuts,
But you still here waiting on me,
To ask you for something,
Okay, CHECK please, thank you, and you are welcome.

Photography by: Marlon ( /
Editing by: Jixi Fox
Location: New York City

It’z Jixi






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