Hi, Do You See Me Waving At You?

waving monkey

I make em laugh, I make em shake,
I stuff em in an oven and then them bake,
until there are done…well done, applause, thank you and you are welcome. 🙂

Hi everyone, as you may know or not know I write rhymes about life.  Of course I must add my own humor in there too, but not many people know my likes and dislikes and where I get my inspiration from for writing and entertainment.  So for the entire month of September, I am going to be sharing a lot about myself “Jixi Fox” and how I came to be who I am today, while polishing my editing skills and launching my debut projects in all forms of media.  Somethings will be super personal and some will be out right outrageous.  I like to surprise the mind when I talk and include as many interesting details as I can.  I am also going to release some “behind the scenes” videos via my YouTube Channel [http://www.youtube.com/jixifox] work hard in the background to finally after years of delay release a full production project.

If you are a fan, be sure to send me any questions you may have so I can answer them all in blog format, video format and on my Facebook page.

So hop inside Jixi’s creative world and let’s have some fun and laughs.


Photo Credit: Google Images

It’z Jixi

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