bust out laughing

Sometimes I laugh to myself.  Matter of fact, I mostly laugh at myself.  I would read a script on walk into an empty room and decide then a there to improv an entire scene or stand up routine and before I even start, I bust out laughing.  I think this is reason I feel so young and happy at times, for just me alone in an empty  room can entertain myself.  What do you think?  Do think I am crazy?

I see myself in the mirror and laugh,
Right before I take a bath,
Look, I did the math,
It states here in the equation,
I will be out of the bath in 30 minutes stat,
I don’t know if that’s fast,
But that’s how long you going to have to wait,
Better wake up earlier next time,
For I am just on time,
But your ass is going to be late.

Ha Ha Ha…


Photo Credit: Google Images

It’z Jixi

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