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“Dreaming, dreaming, I am always dreaming, flying away on my cloud of thoughts, floating never landing.”

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Kim-Kardashian-Big-Booty-Celebritiesbroke the internet

“Joy-riding the internet, I see, I download, I retweet, but it just me, or do we just like to comment on everything for like 2-3 weeks then its history, I am just saying”


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“I feared art at one point in my life, until art showed me how we can co-exist, now we go together, get over it.”

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“I was never noob I until I ran into you, so no clue what to do to get away from you, for I am now a noob…too late!”


It’z Jixi



Today 11/11/14,  Jixi Fox has finally released his free-verse improv project “4th Quarter Domination No Overtime“.  It’s an exciting feeling to release this project into the world and I am happy to create the fun visual music videos that will follow.  PLEASE support the project and take a listen.  It’s only 30 minutes, 10 tracks, and kick ass catchy hooks, metaphors, poetry, melodies and more.

You can DOWNLOAD for FREE at  and if you only care to hear the BEST of project,

you can LISTEN for FREE at  I really hope you can support and give me some feedback what you think.

4th Quarter Domination - No Overtime Cover

Jixi Fox

4th Quarter Domination: No Overtime

The game is on the line,
We tied for first place,
I need to do something fast,
For you to get out of my face,
I planned my pace,
Made my escape,
Two became 10,
Then 100,
I am out of space,
You can’t reach me. 🙂

Jixi Fox returns with his new improv free-verse experience “4th Quarter Domination: No Overtime” to claim the throne of Free Verse Improv Comedian, Actor, and Entertainer, leaving all lames behind and show the world entertainment can be imperfect and different while having a fun and unique experience.  Jixi Fox drops bite size quotables, quirky moments, catchy hooks, over your head witty metaphors to let the world into his creative mind of poetry, imagination and social commentary.  For Jixi there is no going back, it’s the final quarter like football or basketball, its time to dominate the game, for there is no losing, there is no draws and there definitely is no overtime.  Enjoy.

Connect with Jixi Fox: / @jixifox

1. Lames Be Gone
2. Head Boppin
3. 500 Ones
4. Shortee (#FacePalm)
5. Get Her In The Mood – Interlude
6. Confusing Raps
7. Whole Wheat Bars
8. ImDaBes
9. Busy
10. Girls

4th Quarter Domination - No Overtime BACK X

If you have 2 minutes to spare…you can dive into the ALBUM PREVIEW via YOUTUBE (link below)

I worked very hard on the details to give a rich and unique experience.  The project may not be for everyone is entirety, but they are definitely at least 2 fun tracks for anyone from any walks of life on this album.  I will see everyone soon with the music videos for the music and my awesome acting skills with bring you joy.

So go on and DOWNLOAD AND LISTEN and SHARE with friends and let me know your feedback. 🙂



Thank you very much.

Jixi Fox





Emoji Everywhere 🎃

The Blog

Emoji? What are they?

“Emoji” is a Japanese term meaning “picture character.” It’s a standard for showing smileys and other little symbols inside text. But unlike traditional smileys that are made up of a sequence of letters like :), every emoji has its own letter.

🌷 🌹 🌺 🌻 🌼

Emoji blossomed on smartphones, where quickly picking out an emoji is often faster than typing out a long sentence.

Today we’re rolling out hundreds and hundreds of emoji across — 872 to be exact.


Do they look familiar? That’s because Twitter has graciously decided to open-source their entire set, allowing anyone to use them. We’re already busy preparing to add these to Jetpack, so users can join in the fun too.

Before today, emoji you inserted into your posts on the go wouldn’t always show properly for all your visitors. While the nice little bunny…

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PEN GAME SICK “Ode To My Poetic Friends”



Naturally I am an artist retarted with lyrics,
No gimmicks,
I write verses all day,
I perform and display from for my friends,
We get hype off of every line,
Because of word play and their design,
So I channel an inner fury,
I escape every lick on pages so sick,
I couldn’t have imagined it until written,
In my bathroom or basement spitting,
Every word hitting,
I salute all those that uses the pen,
Even my blog gods,
I ride with them.

In the essence of 11/1/14 “National Author Day” I salute my poetic friends in the blog world, and this poem/lyrical piece goes out to them.  I respect your talents and art form.  I wish you the best, the words I read that you have written, you guys are nice with the pen.

Shout out to my Poetic Friends, from Jixi Fox.

Patty –

Curly Miri –

Shawn The Writer –

Micheline –

Rookie Notes –

Jennifer –

Jodie –

Chiku’s Poems –

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Shark Tooth Sweater –

Kalabalu –

Cheri  Lucas –

I might have missed a few name, past, present and future in my list… But as you read this piece, it’s all love.  Hold your pen in the sky, or you finger up before you type. 🙂

Just know I think of you guys as my band of brothers and sisters with a pen.

No need to respond to this post, but if you want to drop a comment to a dope post or respond back, it would be much appreciated…


It’z Jixi